Madlight Media started out as just a random idea in the minds of Mikey, Anthony, and Dave, three guys with different backgrounds and different cultures, brought together by their passion for their hobby that was photography. In the spring of 2008, while sitting in front of their desks chatting with each other online, the three of them decided to put up a photography blog to showcase their work on the web for people to see. It made sense for them to compile their work as one, believing in the old adage ” two heads are better than one”. Hence, MADlight Media was born, using the first initials of their names.

Realizing that a photography blog was limiting and also realizing that their random idea had potential, the group decided to branch out instead and leave Madlight Media’s purpose an open ended one rather than keep it as just another photography blog. Thus the term “media” was added to the name in order to incorporate all aspects of digital media, whether it be in visual, still, moving, or written media, with room to include other forms that may arise in the future.

A close friend of the group, BJ, joined the fray shortly after. A welcome addition to the group, BJ , an adept photographer in his own right, had another arsenal up his sleeve: his skills as a graphic artist. Another friend of the group, Dennis, joined in later. Dennis, who considers photography as another one of his hobbies, is pretty knowledgeable with the legalities of putting up something like Madlight Media, making him another asset to the group.

With this group at the helm of Madlight Media, it is highly possible that what was once just a photography blog could become something greater. But for now, Madlight Media’s focus will be on promoting and providing coverage for events and making feature articles on the group’s interests, which are mainly cars, and what every hot blooded male would be into, model photo shoots. Madlight Media also plans to bring you high definition videos from events and photo shoots soon. If their services are required, please don’t hesitate to contact them, whether for photography or graphic design services. Feel free to email them as well if you are interested in becoming a contributor for the site or just want to chat.

Additional Staff/Contributors

Kevin Choi

Mikey Yan

Photographer, Model Attractor

Anthony Sae-Chua

IT Guy, Photographer

Dave Luong-si

Photographer, Videographer, Homeless Bum

BJ Lopez

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Actual Tall Asian Guy

Tony Luong

Cosplay Connoisseur

Dennis Alano

Legal Administrator, Photographer, Ballin' Out of Control

Victor Gonzalez

Photographer, Random Mexican Guy in Japan