Huntington Beach, CA – Summer may have already ended, but it sure doesn’t feel like it here in Southern California- it’s just as hot and sunny as it was three months ago.  Knowing this, Praxis Productions decided to end the summer with a new event, the AutoGallery show. True to the California lifestyle, the greatest surprise was the venue- the show was held right on the beach!

With just about 200 cars hand picked by the organizers, the show was filled with a variety of cars set up in different styles, ranging from VIP luxury to pristinely restored classics, from domestic to exotic. Food and refreshments were provided to showgoers by the ubiquitous food trucks, and of course, what car show would be complete without the presence of booth babes and models! A pageant show, which aimed to showcase models as upstanding and talented people rather than just eye candy, added a nice touch of class to the event.

Overall, I found the show to be entertaining and a refreshing change from the typical shows held inside the confines of a convention center.  The beach weather added to the relaxing and casual atmosphere, with car owners interacting with the crowd about their rides and the models seemingly enjoying themselves. I would say the only negative would be the MC making fun of the photographers (although some of them were being a bit unprofessional), but that’s really a non-issue. I hope that AutoGallery was considered a success, because I would definitely want to go again next year- and hopefully remember to bring sunblock so I can stay longer!

Make sure to check our gallery of the cars, as well as our video (and switch to 720p for optimal viewing pleasure)! – Dave Luong, Madlight Media

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