OG Mitsubishi in attendance

July 8, 2017, Cypress CA – Mitsubishi is celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary this year, and today is holding it’s annual West Coast Mitsubishi Owner’s Day at its headquarters in Cypress, California. Unfortunately, there is nothing exciting new this year coming from Mitsubishi, not unless the Eclipse Cross compact crossover excites you. Gone are the days of the Evo; we are now left with the Outlander, the Outlander Sport, the Mirage, and the Mirage G4. Looking at the parking lot today, it’s still mostly dominated by Evos, followed by the DSMs and newer generation Eclipses. Diehard OGs brought in old school Lancers like the popular box-type Lancer of the 80s in South East Asia. Pajeros and Monteros trooped to the location as well in spite of the heat. Other less represented models like the 3000 GT showed up as well. Check out the gallery below for our interesting picks for the day. RRE held their annual dyno day again, with Erica Nagashima providing eye candy for their booth.

With the number of cars sold by Mitsubishi America being less than 100,000 for the second year in a row, the longevity of this event does become a concern. Hopefully the diehard fans might wake up something in the bean counters behind the now Nissan-backed Mitsubishi.

RRE Dyno day


Prepping for the zombie apocalypse

The annual homecoming of the sea of Evos


Clean 2G DSM Spyder


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