Baltimore, MD – Otakon kicked off it’s 20th annual three day anime convention show on August 9-11th which celebrates all anime, manga, and Asian pop culture.  This year they have estimated over 34,000 unique memberships making this the largest Otakon show so far and one of the largest anime convention in North America.  This is one of the more fun shows we attend and definitely look forward to it for years to come.

Otakon will also be adding an additional new convention that will be created in Las Vegas starting in 2014.  Another big announcement is that Otakon will be moving to Washington, DC starting in 2017 once the Baltimore City contract expires in 2016.


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  1. Kylie Hargrove

    Is there a way to download an image? I really like how the pic of my sis and I turned out, and I would love a copy!! We are the Lightning and Serah (beachwear) in image 111 🙂 Thanks for the photo!!

  2. Sarah Battista

    Can I have a downloadable copy of otakon2013_110 ? Thank you so much for taking my picture, I looooooooove it. :3

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