June 13 2009, Long Beach, CA – Much like it was advertised, this year’s Spocom was chock-full of some of the hottest models in the industry, as well as some of the cleanest cars on display. Fortunately, most of the modified cars consisted of clean and tasteful mods, and rice was pretty much non-existent. As if the cavalcade of models walking around wasn’t enough, showgoers were also treated to a dance contest, bikini contest, lingerie show, and Nicolette’s Lollime Bikinis show throughout the day as well! I was relieved to see that the bikini contest judges had the same tastes that I did and elected Bahara as the winner! In fact, you could say that it really was no contest at all! =P  There were also quite a few interesting moments, including lots of innuendo banter courtesy of Alexia Lei, a display of nunchaku mastery by Alicia Whitten (yes you read that right, she knows how to use nunchakus!) as well as a Super Bowl Janet Jackson-esque “slip” up during the lingerie show…  guess you had to be there!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and look forward to going again. My favorite part of the show (other than the half naked ladies)- the Scion xD with the claw vending game installed in the trunk! I could have spent my whole day there trying to get myself free t-shirts! But I digress.. pics of the event as usual inside!

*06/19/09- Now updated with pics from the bikini contest, Lollime bikini show, and lingerie show!

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