Anaheim, CA – Spocom, one of our favorite annual car shows, was surprisingly held at the Anaheim Convention Center, which luckily for us meant it was only a few minutes away.  We’re not sure if the show itself extended to the parking lot as well, considering how many modified cars were parked in there- one in five cars there was most likely an EVO.  As usual, Spocom did not disappoint; catering not only to car fans, but to the lifestyle and culture as well.  In addition to the usual gamut of hottie models (our favorite part of the show, as usual), mostly tastefully modified cars, and various live competitions on the main stage, new to the show were the urban clothing and accessory booths selling off their wares.  This included such brands as Crooks & Castles and Meister, to name a few. Noticeably absent was the lack of free stuff.  Perhaps it is a sign of today’s battered economy; but we sure do miss the random free CD’s, T-Shirts, baseball caps and stuffed paraphernalia.

Highlights of the show for us were Skyline Alley (never have we seen so many GT-Rs parked next to each other), the extremely clean and restored 1st generation Honda Civic coupe, the guy wearing a chained rim around his neck (can’t get any blinger than that), and of course, the boobies!! Shout outs to the High End crew, and congrats on winning (as usual) a ridiculous amount of trophies!

As usual, feel free to peruse through our pictures of the show 😛



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