You can never go wrong with a Veilside NSX kit.

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Anaheim, CA – Well, it’s been a while since we’ve been to another car show, but we’re now back from our hiatus to deliver the goods; and what better way than to show up at the ever so reliable Spocom Import/Life Exhibit! We’re always excited to attend Spocom because we don’t have to drive out very far, and the cars (and models) on display are always of high quality. This year was no exception, with a lot of new faces (which may be due to our brief sabbatical from the scene), and tastefully modified vehicles. Much to our relief, it seems the ghetto “stance-so-hard-my-fenders-are-dented” fad seems to have disappeared, and replaced with who can create the most bad ass, wide-fendered car out there. In addition to this, a few classics made their way out this year, including some 240z’s, as can be seen below:


Wider than Nicki Minaj’s fake butt

Did I mention the wide fenders we’ve been seeing?


Not shown in photo: the kids taking shelter inside each wheel well

In addition to the cars of course, is our favorite part of going to these shows- the models and booth babes! In attendance were some of our personal favorites, including Amy Fay, Rosie Ly, Regina Ong, and Constance Nunes. Among the old, were plenty of new faces as well, including Victoria Nguyen and the unique and true to her roots Monika Cozlin (yee-haw!!). If you want to see them, make sure to check out our video on Youtube and also embedded at the top of the page!


“Our eyes are up HERE buddy!”

All in all, it was another enjoyable event and we’re glad to see Spocom still keeping the dream alive. What dream is that? That is up to you, dear reader. Maybe it’s the dream of winning a trophy for the best looking car our there. Or maybe meeting that girl-next-door turned import model after getting a set of bolt-ons. Why are you still reading this?  Scroll down for more pictures in our gallery. If anyone is actually reading this, send us proof by actually replying, and we’ll give you an import model’s number. =P


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