Madlight Media is happy to present to you our first ever coverage of the Tokyo Auto Salon! We’ve been secretly cultivating seeds around the world, and the fruits of our labor have finally been realized with our man in Japan, Victor Gonzalez! Hopefully, with this continued partnership we’ll be able to provide a continuous look at car culture overseas, but for now enjoy taking a closer look at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon!

Held annually at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, the Tokyo Auto Salon is considered one of the top motor shows globally for modified and tuned cars. For us though, this event allows us to get a sneak peek at a market that is wildly different from what’s available in the U.S. Below are some of the highlights that we found interesting.

First off, it’s good to know that the phenomenon of photographers crowding around booth babes is universal around the world!




More interestingly, we also got to check out some of the more “Japanese-y” styles of car modifications.




On the more serious side of things, there were also some proper race cars, including those from the Japanese Super GT series that we’ve previously only seen watching Option videos and playing Gran Turismo! The Tokyo Auto Salon also included a first look at the Nissan ZEOD RC; an electric hybrid racing car slated to race in the 24 Hour Le Mans this year.




And as usual, there’s always things here that we can’t get in the U.S., like this STi watch with an open heart face and energy reserve indicator (which we can only assume means it’s worth more than we can afford):


Aaaaand, I’ve run out of things to say, so I’ll just end the article here! If you’d like to see the full gallery of our trip to the Tokyo Auto Salon, just click on the link below to check out the full gallery! Enjoy!

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