York, PA – Tuner Evolution held at the Soverign Bank Stadium on August 25th had some nice sweet rides right as you walk in.  From AE86’s to GTR’s there was quite a wide range of cars to see.  Although the 2 GTR’s that was parked near the main entrance left early probably due to weather.  The show was all outdoor and it did rain on and off a few times.  As this was our first time attending Tuner Evolution we thought there was going to be cars parked on the field but that was not the case.  When we first walked in and got near the model lounge we kind of got confused and couldn’t believe the show was this small.  But as we walked more we found out there was a whole other section in the back with more rides, vendors and stage performances.  With that said take some time and check out the pictures from the show!

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