We bid farewell to Wednesdays at Piedra as Spyco productions hosts We Luv Wednesdays for the last time. On deck were DJ’s Crash and Chester Canlas spinning the latest and hippest beats on the airwaves. Don’t be depressed though, as Spyco productions brings you yet another event to be held on Fridays. Stay tuned for the next coverage provided by Madlightmedia.com. Special thanks to Pico Sun for inviting us to this event.

  • mbox

    ahhhh mastering the art of flash photography…..good job mikey!

  • Anthony Sae-Chua

    nice work as usual Mikey.. not everyone knows or can handle nightclub photography 😉

  • despite the fact that some may think club photography requires no skill, Mikey shows that there is by consistently properly exposing for both background and subject, something that I can’t even do yet 😛