IMG_0712-EditJanis True is an upcoming model currently based in Seattle, but often finds herself down in sunny SoCal. We were lucky enough to spend a few hours with her during one of her visits recently. In true professional fashion, Janis was already prepped and ready to go two hours before our scheduled shoot with her, while we were still just climbing out of bed. Anyway, we’ll just go ahead with our short Q&A with Janis since we know no one reads this shit. You’ll probably get a few pointers on how to get her to notice you. Worst case scenario, you can always just go back here and look at the pictures of the girlfriend you’ll never have.

1. We already know your male celebrity crush. Name a female celebrity you’d make out with.

Probably Milan Kunis…. She’s hot!

2. If your sex life were a movie title, what would the movie title be?

Friends with Benefits, lol

3.  If the NSA was spying on you at night, (and they do) what will they most likely see you wearing in bed?

Nothing =P

4. If you were my girlfriend, what’s the fanciest meal you can cook for me? 

My famous chicken alfredo 🙂 and a glass of wine!

5. Favorite condiments/sauces you cannot live without. ( You know Asians and their sauces)

Ranch, Mexican chili powder, Sriracha

6. What’s the age of the youngest guy you’d date? Oldest? 


Probably a year younger (20) and the oldest… Nobody past 35.

7. Creepiest/perviest experience at a car show? Weirdest/creepiest photoshoot you’ve done to date? (excluding ours of course)

Haven’t experienced any yet.. Let’s cross fingers nothing perverted or creepy will happen! And for photoshoot, I was dressed in stockings, pasties and a ski mask running down the hotel hall… it was the quickest shoot I’ve ever done, and weirdest!

8. Nastiest thing a hater has said on any of your social networks and your reply.

Ugh, I can’t even begin.. Probably the ones who call me a whore, slut, etc. I just reply “hi hater!” Or simply just don’t reply at all. There’s no point in explaining yourself to people who are quick to judge. 🙂

   What goes through your mind when you read all the catcalls that are posted (e.g. “take off your bra” “suck my d*ck” to name a few recently posted) on there? Surely this doesn’t work? Otherwise we’ve been doing it wrong.

It goes in from one ear out the other. I read it but it doesn’t bug me. At first it made me feel uncomfortable, but I learned to get over it because they’re just words. If I feel like it’s really inappropriate, I simply delete and block.

9. 5 things you definitely won’t leave home without.

My phone, keys, Chapstick or lip gloss, toothbrush and wallet.IMG_0813-Edit

10. For the beta males (that includes us), best way to get your attention? How do we know you’re just not into us? 

Be yourself and make me laugh 🙂 And if I give you short answers… it should give you a heads up to stop trying =P














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