Coming in only about three months late, a set that should have been posted for Valentine’s Day! We figured though that people would appreciate the real life angel that Christine is, regardless of the time of year! After numerous delays (and frustrations) in trying to find a model for the shoot idea, we were almost to the point of obliterating a certain photographer/model networking site by shoving our keyboards through our monitors.

Through some divine intervention we were finally favored some attention in the form of Christine King. Christine is the type of girl that most guys only dream of- long slender gams, a down to earth personality with an emphasis on having fun and living life to the fullest (perhaps too much emphasis), capable of producing seductive stares that stop you in your tracks, and most importantly- a connoisseur of cars. Yes, this girl can actually tell you the difference between a B16A2 and a B18C5, has built her own LS/VTEC Civic, and currently rides a kitted BMW 5 series slammed on some fat-lipped rims. She also thinks Black Ice air freshener is better than the squash Air Spencer, which unfortunately, we disagree with 😛

We don’t know about you readers, but any girl that probably knows more about cars than we do and is blessed with an all-natural body to die for is what we would consider a match made in heaven.

Once again, many thanks to Christine for being game to the pin-up style shoot, and Heidi Pacifico for always hooking it up with her excellent makeup and hairstyling work (and her boyfriend for putting up with having to sit in a humid studio for over 4 hours haha)!


: Dave Luong
Model: Christine King
Makeup and Hairstyling: Heidi Pacifico
Location: Studio OC, Fountain Valley, CA


P.S. Title inspired by that damn song that I listened to for 2 days non-stop while editing pics 😛 And props if you can figure out the exclamation point reference!

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