7 Claudia Rocio is a beautiful model that has graced our humble little space on the web. You’ve probably seen her pictures, since she has graced a few calendars here and there, like the Hot Import Nights Calendar. We were lucky enough to have worked with this beautiful Guatemalan lady in spite of her busy schedule. She was able to juggle our photoshoot with studying for her midterms, as she is a student at Cal Poly Pomona who double majors (that’s right, double) in International Business and Marketing Management. (She also ballroom dances for the school dance club by the way.) Not only was she able to do that, but she was able to brave the cold waters off Laguna Beach, with a little help from her “chaperone” (thanks man. =P ). Again, thanks Claudia for working with us and setting aside your books for just a few hours. We hope we made some pictures worthy enough to show your grandma. Mucho Caliente! =P

Location: Laguna Beach, CA








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