img_2962Our newest model shoot is of the ever so hot Hyonni, who graciously posed with High End’s turbocharged S2000. Actually, these photographs aren’t new at all; we did this shoot over a year ago, back when we waz (still are?) n00bcakes at this. The original article was supposed to have gone to another site, but thankfully that didn’t work, so now we can post it here where it belongs :D.

We were very fortunate that Hyonni, who had made numerous appearances in various magazines, was willing to work with us despite our lack of a track record or name. What transpired during the shoot that day was sake, new friendships, sake, sushi, sake, and more sake, all combining to create what was probably the most fun shoot ever. Now that I think about it I’m not really sure that a photoshoot ever actually occured, but somehow there are pictures! So enjoy the fruits of our “labor!”

Hyonni, wherever you are right now, thank you again!! I miss- uh.. I mean.. WE miss you very much!! Still looking to finish the second part of it 😛

More pictures, of course, after the jump.


Car: High End S2000

Location: High End garage- Oxnard, CA

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  1. Dave Luong-Si

    haha.. Hyonni was one of our favorite models too! But it seems our shoot
    with her was one of the last ones she ever did. We’ve tried contacting
    her a few times throughout the years, but she always disappears after a
    while :’(

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