Its always a turn on for guys when they find out that a girl has similar interests with them. Girls who are into sports and know more than one sports celebrity earn kudos points from most guys. But for geeks and gamers (us included),  there’s no greater turn on than a female gamer. Nowadays, female gamers are increasing in number. But Jenn here isn’t just your typical female gamer. For one, she is HOT. Two, she works at Hooters. Three, she loves guns. If that’s not enough, she can bust out geeky jokes on demand. A certified hot geek indeed. She’s also pretty patient, evident after waiting for us for an hour the day of the shoot, thanks to traffic on the Riverside freeway. That’s just about enough time for a gamer to level up in an RPG, although she might actually be playing with a game of her own. Not only is she into gaming, but she’s also starting to get into the photography craze which has been spreading like wildfire, complete with her own set of lights at home. Now that’s our kind of girl. Hit up the link for more pictures from our shoot with her.

Photographers: Mikey Yan, Dave Luongsi

Makeup, clothing, and Hair: Jenn Le

Location: Riverside, c/o Rey Sison

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