It’s been about a year since we last saw Krista, but it seems appropriate that these pictures are just posted now to coincide with the beginning of summer. (or end of summer depending where you’re at) Dave and I were lucky enough to have met this fine lady and schedule a photoshoot with her. Surprisingly, this shoot almost fell through, but thanks to a few missed calls and some miscommunication, we managed to get the shoot going. We all met up at Laguna Beach and chit chatted while setting up.  We found out that Krista was actually a co-owner of one of those infamous Vietnamese Coffee shops that we all know and love here in So Cal.  Krista also does her own makeup, so after a little prep work and with a little help from some Grey Goose vodka provided by Dave (meanwhile…!), Krista was  refreshed and ready to strut her stuff in front of the lens. And boy, was she good at it. After a grueling three hours braving the cold waters of the beach, it was time to call it a wrap. We were all a bit hungry, so we headed to the nearest pizza parlor.  To celebrate, we snuck in the remaining vodka to enhance the flavor of our drinks and pizza. After a few hours of banter (does flipping your cup upside down at a coffee shop REALLY mean anything???), we called it a night. Unfortunately, instead of us treating Krista out for dinner, it ended up the other way around, us being the cheapskates that we are. Thanks again for the free pizza. We promise it’ll be our treat next time. =P

More pictures after the jump.

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  1. graphicgirl26

    i really thought i’d get tired of looking at these photos (since i’m almost always with mikey when he edits them =P and it takes days before finishing one picture!). but after seeing the finished products, they still look fresh and oh so gorgeous! congrats mikey and dave! keep ’em coming! we want moar!!!

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