Lena Nicole, a stunning model from the sunny shores of Southern California, was happy to oblige in doing a shoot with us. As usual, we were running late to the shoot. Good thing she was a good sport. Upon arriving at the shoot location and meeting Lena for the first time, we were surprised at how simple and down to earth she was. A very cool girl to talk to, it was easy giving her directions. She even provided some creative input into this shoot that we did. (Sorry Lena, we’re not putting up the rose pics. =P ) And here she is, graciously appearing in our humble page. Lena, an actress in the adult entertainment industry, has been modeling for  at least 5 years already. Glamour, swimsuit, lingerie, and fitness styles are the themes that she has done, but is looking to branch into more fashion and editorial themes. Interested in health and fitness, she makes it a point to take very good care of her body, as can be seen here in the pictures that we took. She hopes to someday teach others the importance of health and fitness and continue practicing what she preaches. Thanks again for shooting with us Lena! And thanks for patiently waiting for the pictures. We finally found the time to edit and publish these pictures with our very busy schedule. Hope you like them as much as we hope the readers and viewers will like them. More pictures after the jump.

Photographers: Mikey Yan, Dave Luongsi

Makeup, clothing, and Hair: Lena Nicole

Location: Riverside, c/o Rey Sison


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