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Morning Star Photo Shoot

There are times when we don’t get all the hate that Canada gets. Okay, fine, they handed the U.S. their asses for the 2014 Olympic Hockey game, but there’s more to Canada than just hockey. Take this fine example over here, a Canadian import that we’d embrace with open arms. We first met Miss Morning Star, a Canuck who is literally an “import” model,  last year in Vegas for SEMA 2013 (this is starting to become a trend). While we did see her, we were unable to talk to her in the midst of the event. So that was that, or so we thought. As luck would have it, Morning made plans to travel to our neck of the woods. Contact was made, and we finally got to set something up. Throughout the day of the shoot, we came to realize that some of the stereotypes of our brethren up North are actually true. Morning is, as most people have said about Canucks, too damn nice. It’s always normal to have a bit of tension, especially when you’re a woman about to take your clothes off in front of two guys you’ve never met. But working with her was just like seeing an old friend again. And just like seeing an old friend who you haven’t seen in awhile, we had some questions for her. Read on below.

Morning Star Shoot 11. So you’re half Vietnamese and half Aboriginal. What exactly does Aboriginal mean? With your mixture, does that mean you have varied taste in food as well? If so, what are foods that you normally crave for?

Aboriginal is another term for native Canadian.  I actually crave home cooked meals. Anything and everything that is cooked at home I love. I travel a lot so I find myself eating a lot of processed or fast food as it is convenient, so I always look forward to going back home.

2. You’ve been pretty busy here in the US, but it seems like you’re not really from here. As a Canuck, what are the biggest changes for you? If ever you end up moving here, what’s the thing you’ll miss the most?

I’m from Edmonton, AB, Canada. I’ve been traveling to the states a lot for work. I would have to say the whole living out of your luggage thing would be the biggest challenge, hauling as much as you can with you at all times. If I move to the states I would have to say the biggest challenge would be missing your friends and family back home, but I would try make it as homey as possible here in the US!

3. We noticed during the shoot that you have this cute accent that comes out once in a while “eh”? Is this a Canadian thing? Any other mannerisms or quirks that people here have noticed? Certain terms or words that people here don’t understand when you bring it up?

Everywhere I go people tell me I say “ey” a lot. I don’t even notice it myself! The funny thing is back home when I say “ey” I actually mean to say “hey” but the “h” ends up coming out silent, lol. Besides the fact that I talk too fast, that’s probably the only other thing that people may have noticed. Honestly, I think that most people just listen too slow. 😛 Actually I realized us Canadians have our own terminology when it comes to nationalities. For example, no ones uses the term “mulatto,” which means a mix of black and white, like we do back home.

4. I’m sure people here ask you stupid questions about where you’re from (“Do you have internet in Canada?”). What’s the weirdest question anyone from here has asked you? If none, what are the things we should never say to a Canuck?

Someone actually asked me if we lived in “igloos” up in Canada. I started laughing and asked “are you serious?!”. That’s probably the only thing you shouldn’t ask a Canadian as it’s just common sense haha.

5. We noticed your ink from the shoot. Any significance to them? How many do you have and what are they?

I have two big tattoos and about 8 small ones. I love the meaning of the koi fish and the geisha. I have them on my upper arm and on the side of my hip and thigh area.  I have one on my right rib that says “baby doll”; it was my mother’s nickname growing up. I also have the same finger tattoo as Rihanna, she’s my favorite female artist. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason, both good and  bad, so I have the word “destiny” behind my left ear in Chinese. I also have my eyebrows tattooed; is that considered having ink too? Haha. So I guess that would be 12 total. I’ve decided I’m not gonna get anymore tattoos though, I think I have a good amount for now 🙂

Morning Star Shoot 26. As a hairdresser, how’d you end up modeling? If you weren’t modeling, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

I actually started getting into modeling before I went to school to be a hairdresser. I started back when I was 18 here in Edmonton just for fun, but I never actually started taking it seriously until last year in May. I went to school for makeup and then decided I wanted to try something else that was more challenging, so I went back to school for hairdressing. If I wasn’t modeling now, I would definitely be behind the scenes, doing hair and makeup for other people. I’m a girly girl so I like doing all that stuff.

7. Based on our stalking, it seems you travel a lot. What locations do you plan on going to next?

Anywhere and everywhere in The States! There’s just more opportunities down there than in Canada. I’ve only been to a few places so my goal is to travel to as many places as I can go. I’m looking forward to going to Miami this year and Mexico as I haven’t been there yet either!

8. The first time we saw you was at SEMA last year. How do you find the experience being a car show model? Any creepy guys (excluding us of course) that approach you at these events?

I love it! Every time I work at a car show event I never get bored. It’s never the same experience, always different.  I’m a very social person and talk a lot, so I love meeting new people and experiencing new things. I’m definitely not a shy person either so that helps. I enjoy what I do and look forward to whats in store for me next. I’m a humble person so I don’t let this whole modeling thing go to my head. If it wasn’t for the whole “creepy guy” thing you mentioned, then I probably wouldn’t have a fan base, lol. We have more guy fans than girls.  I appreciate all kinds of fans. If they want to come and approach me at any event I give them props. Some guys get nervous. I’m easy going and appreciate anyone that comes and talks to me, so don’t be intimidated boys! 😛

9. That sounds promising for us beta males. Things that you look for in a guy? Does size errr height matter? Turn- offs? Best way to get your attention? 

I like a guy that takes care of himself, has good hygiene, a job and is independent. I’m 5’6, taller than the average girl, so I prefer them the same height or taller. When I wear heels I’m even taller but you never know, with the right personality then height just might not matter. 😛 I also like guys that have a good sense of humor and don’t mind being silly once in a while. Guys that take things too seriously or are cocky are a turn-off to me. I also don’t smoke, but I don’t mind guys that do as long as they’re brushing their teeth; then it’s all good to me. The best way to get my attention is to come up to me or message me something funny. I always get a kick out of a pick up line here and there. Hey, at least the guy is trying, right? 🙂 The best line I’ve heard from a guy was “Did you fart? ‘Cause you just blew me away!” Haha, definitely got my attention plus I had a good laugh.

Morning Star Shoot 310. Would you say you had fun at our shoot and would work with us again, or did you find it creepy being almost naked alone with two guys in an apartment?

I had a blast! You guys are awesome to work with. I actually appreciate that there were two of you at the same time. This way, if there were any nip slips, the other one could tell me, as the photographer can only see so much while he is shooting. Plus I loved the fact that you guys made the “behind the scenes” video! You guys are a great team and I love your work! Would definitely recommend you and look forward to working with you guys again.

11. Thanks for the compliments! Any last words?

I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this! Hope this gives you some insight on getting to know me better; there were a lot of good questions that were asked. Take care for now until next time. 🙂 You can also check me out at the links below to view my pics. xoxo

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