September 25, 2010, Torrance, CA – This year we were fortunate to be part of one of the greatest S2000 gatherings in the world, the Homecoming meet, thanks to one of our members being an S2000 owner himself. Homecoming is a meet organized by members of as a way to bring S2000 enthusiasts from all over the world to one location and meet and share stories and good times with other fellow owners. And by all over the world, we mean all over the world- people flew in from as far as China to attend this event.  The first Homecoming occurred about three years ago, so attending this event was something we couldn’t pass up. Becoming a part of the event involved a very lengthy process and started over a year ago, and eliminated those that were unable to follow the complex instructions from attending.  Read on for details and pics of the event!

Our day started off finding our way to the secret meeting spot, which was only disclosed to attendees a few days before the actual event.  Immediately as we arrived, we could tell the amount of effort and logistical planning that went into this event. The lot was filled with S2000’s, all coordinated in certain parts of the lot by their color. Unfortunately, all silver S2000’s were stuck in the parking structure away from everyone else, but I guess that shows how special we are :P. After mingling with others and a quick breakfast, the cavalcade of S2000’s started heading off to our next location, Honda HQ in Torrance, once again color coordinated. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the event, it was a total blast seeing a huge line of S2000’s stretching down the 405 freeway.

Once we arrived at HQ (I really wish the caravan could have lasted a bit longer), we flashed our sexy official S2Ki Homecoming badges (complete with hologram!) to the gatekeepers and proceeded to park our cars into our once again color coordinated lots. The rest of the day was typically car meet-like; catching up with friends and fellow S2000 owners, visiting the vendor booths that helped support the meet, such as GoTuning, Clutch Masters, and S2Ki specific vendors.  Special shout out to Tommy’s Burgers food trucks were in place to take care of our food; those chili cheeseburgers were bomb diggity! A special parade of unique cars, such as the first generation Civic, an Acura Legend with 400,000 original miles on the odo, and a Spoon-ed out S2K were shown before we were introduced to Honda’s grandmaster engineer, Shigeru Uehara, creator of the NSX and S2000 (and ITR). Perhaps another one of the most significant events after his appearance were the long lines of fans waiting to get various S2K-related items and parts signed by Shigeru himself.  Fellow editor Dave was able to get his radio cover panel signed, which should increase the value of his car by about $100,000 :P.

The festivities concluded with a huge raffle, with so many parts that you could literally build a wholly modified S2K if you won every single one. Everything from keyhole covers to carbon fiber intake ducts,  a full big break kit, to a T1R exhaust were given away. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to win anything, but everyone came home a winner that day- a free mug, thermos, and t-shirt commemorating the 2010 S2000 Homecoming event, and the experience of meeting others from across the globe, and being able to participate in such an exclusive event. Not only that, but hearing Shigeru’s speech about his involvement and feelings for the S2000 almost brought a tear to our eyes.

Back-Cracker of and Honda of America, we thank you for taking so much effort and time out of your life to set up this event for the rest of us! The next S2Ki Homecoming event could not come soon enough!

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