Melbourne, Australia – After years of lying dormant, avoiding the gaze of the highway patrol, they have returned…

Car culture in Melbourne is coming out of the shadows.  Thanks to the guys & gals of 100mm (www.100mm.com.au), and the support of the Melbourne City Council, they brought us CERTIFIED.  The first car festival of its kind in Australia. Showcasing not only what’s hot in the car scene, but also showing love to the ever growing popularity of food trucks here in our fair city, and our bustling street performers. All based in the spectacular backdrop of Birrarung Marr

Majority of the participants at the festival, were from Melbourne, but once word got round, there were many entries from interstate. Much luv goes to the House of Stance crew (www.facebook.com/HouseofStance), who drove their cars for a total of over 1,600km to and from Sydney just to participate (and party). Now that’s showing some brotherly love.

The day had a great family vibe to it, and there was even a Lightning McQueen car there that the kids just loved. Did I mention food trucks? They had the best of the best, of Melbourne’s food trucks in attendance to satisfy the hunger of the thousands that came out on that bright, sunny autumn day.

The highlight of the day was actually the cars bumping out. Despite the fact there was a highway patrol car in the vicinity, we have been advised that none of the entrants received a defect notice of any kind. Kudos to the boys in blue on that.

We look forward to the next instalment in the 100mm event series, and judging from their maiden event, it’s going to be top notch!

Special thanks to Norm Roxas of GDZHTM for contributing this feature from the land down under.

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