March 14, 2009, Anaheim, CA – The ladies weren’t the only ones turning our heads- this HIN brought out a wide assortment of interesting and unique cars. Among some of the more noticeable ones were an actual S15 Silvia, a mint C10 Nissan Skyline GT-R, one of the first fixed up Kia Souls (well.. somebody cares, right?), a bunch of exotics, as well as the usual show strictly show-only cars that I’m not sure how they’re even driven around.

Clicky below to head to the gallery (we will continue to update this post as well as we get more pictures ready)!

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  1. Dave Luong-si

    Haha.. i wonder if she recognizes us. Always like your unique angles and compositions.. not sure why I can’t pull them off considering we’re using the same lenses.. haha.

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