March 24-25, 2012 – Hot Import Nights is a brand name that people in the car tuning industry have come to associate with car shows filled with wildly modified rides, ladies in scantily clad outfits, and booming music. The name that has become popular first in Southern California, which then spread like wildfire across the US, has now reached the far East. The first ever Hot Import Nights was held at the World Trade Center, Manila, Philippines, where people flocked to in order to get a glimpse of what all the hype was about in spite of the local rainy weather.

We have to thank for bringing over the Hot Import Nights name, the same people responsible for the yearly “Bumper to Bumper” car show here in the Philippines. They also brought over all the way from the West Coast what Hot Import Nights has become to be known for: Import Models. MMA Ring Girl Arianny Celeste, Import Models Jeri Lee and Nikita Esco headlined the event, who all flew in to attend and grace the event, signing autographs and posters on stage, basking in the attention of all the show goers who waited patiently in line to get up stage for a few seconds with them.

The event was two days long in order to accommodate the huge turnout who came to view the surprisingly small number of cars in attendance. Other highlights of the event were the VIP Party, where showgoers had to pay extra to attend what was basically a concert by the Mocha Girls, a local girlband, and a bikini contest by local models. The Import Models also strutted their stuff on stage, although they were seemingly nowhere to be found the next day.

So did Hot Import Nights Manila live up to the hype? Why not check out our coverage of the event to find out? Cuz my momma taught me well: if I have nothing nice to say… –Mikey Yan, Madlight Media

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