February 22, 2014 – We recently dropped by R1 Concepts in La Habra to check out the 2nd Kuya Model Expo. The Kuya Model Expo is the brain child of Abe Ubaldo, otherwise known as Big Abe. Others fondly call him Kuya Abe. He’s the Asian version of Zangief that you see at carshows and events related to the import industry with a wheel wrapped around his neck. He’s also the guy behind Kuya Protection, the bouncers that you see at said events. Last year, Abe held his first ever Kuya Model Expo. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend. This time though, Big Abe hooked us up, and we were able to drop by and see the hotties in attendance. The event was like a mini car show, but for the first time, the models outnumbered the cars. The event was hosted by Big Abe and Jeri Lee, who also had her “Seven Till Midnight Lingerie” fashion show later on during the day. The event also had booths with various merchandise, and was completed bythe White Rabbit food truck. Anyway, enough chit chat, just head on below to see more highlights and the full gallery from the event.


One of the rare times you’ll see less cars than models


Jeri Lee at her booth


Check out this sick S2000. S2KILLIN indeed


Brie Williams getting her drank on


While the models outnumber the cars, the guy-to-girl ratio is never good at these events 


Hungry? No worries


Lilly Evans and Marie Alvarez


Big Abe just clowning around with the ladies

IMG_5631Serena Su after walking the catwalk

IMG_5530Lilly Evans showing off the goods

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