Erica Nagashima and Erica Ocampo at the RRE booth

July 9, 2016, Cypress CA – Mitsubishi Owner’s Day is now in its 11th year after celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary last year. From the looks of the number of attendees this year, it looks like this event isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In spite of the end of production for Mitsubishi’s last hero car the Lancer Evolution, it seems that the diehard fans still remain dedicated to the marque. For those diehard fans, Mitsubishi HQ had a lot in store for them that day. For starters, free shirts and a free meal from Carl’s Jr. was some of the free swag given away. A raffle was also held were fans could win more Mitsubishi stuff. Vans also had a ramp where daredevils performed sick tricks for the attendees.

Speaking of the end of the Lancer Evolution, there were 1600 Lancer Evolution Final Editions produced for the USA market; number 1600 was on display and for auction at the event. Road Race Engineering, one of the well known tuners who specialize in Evolutions and DSMs had a dyno at hand for some on site tuning and display of horsepower. They also had beauties Erica Nagashima and Erica Ocampo to sign some posters at their booth. Various other vendors were on site as well, like Eneos, Nitto, Muellerized, and Tuning Technologies.

Heading out to the parking lot looked like a carshow itself. Eclipses and Evolutions of different generations were present, as well as more classic cars like the Galant, 3000GT, and the Starion. For now, it looks like these diehard fans will continue to fan the flames for the ailing Mitsubishi. Maybe next year, the joint venture with Nissan might bring something exciting back for Mitsubishi. With that said, scroll down for highlights of the event and the full gallery of our coverage.


Mitsubishi HQ in Cypress, CA


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition Number 1600


Galant section


Evo section


Eclipse section


It’s been 15 years since this car blew up on the big screen


Vans stunt area


Narvaez Racing’s injured Pike’s Peak car



Erica Ocampo flirting with the parts robot


Sick DSMs


Classic Starions


Clean Evo 9 and company


3rd gen Eclipse and company

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