Long Beach, CA – On August 21, we attended the hotly anticipated Motion Auto Show, hoping that something would finally fill the void that’s been missing in recent years – a car show that was actually good and worth staying the whole day for.  Thankfully, Motion did not disappoint- the fact that we actually drove out to ghetto ass Long Beach alone should prove how excited we were for this (are ghetto LBC jokes still in fashion?). You know a car show is gonna be huge when vendors and competitors bring out their mother freakin’ ice sculptures.

Set up by the Pro-Motion Distributing company, no corners were cut in the planning of this event- all the big vendors were here; including Mobil 1, Falken, and my personal show favorite, Scion. More importantly, big vendors = free schwag, free schwag = happy attendees. You know you love those free hats that you’ll never wear.  Of course, the other component that makes a car show worth attending is surprisingly, the cars that show! In this regard again Motion sets the bar, with most of the biggest teams making their appearance- ACE/High End, TWC, MFest, Hybrid, you name it- they were there.  There were quite a few unique appearances as well as you will see in our gallery.  The S2000 without spark plugs and those crazy pipes in the engine bay that I have no idea what they do.. I don’t know how it runs, but I like it.  We must also mention the M3 with the pedobear sticker, it should have won something.. like Best Decal In Show. Or something.

On the lifestyle side of things, the show managed to cater to a wide variety of audiences, with some dance competitions, sports exhibitions, AND- a STREET FIGHTER IV competition hosted by the MLG and NOS Energy drinks!!! As they would say in the fighting game community, I was literally getting hype to see something like this breaking into the mainstream. Joystick warriors rejoice, you are no longer displaced to the dark corners of the local arcade!!

In all seriousness though, the Motion Auto Show was all we had hoped it would be- a turn-around in what was a stagnant and slowing trend in exciting car shows. We’re glad that Motion is bringing it back and setting the bar for future car shows from now on!

Thank you Mike Morita and Ryan Nguyen, for setting up this awesome show as well as for your kindness and generosity. Special shout outs to the MFest crew, and ACE/High End as usual :P.  Also special thanks to up and coming contributor, Victor Gonzalez!




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  1. Jason P

    actually the Pedobear M3 you have a picture of DID win something… he won 2nd place best Euro, if i remember correctly.

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