Irvine, CA – About a week ago, a friend informed me of an upcoming Scion event involving the indoor go-kart racing company, K1 Speed. I knew only good things could come from this- one, I love K1 (although, I would have loved Dromo 1 even more if it still existed), and two, I love Scion because they ALWAYS give out cool free stuff. Sometimes I wonder how their marketing department gets away with all the promotions they do and how it even exists. My room and wardrobe is filled with Scion stuff, and I don’t even drive one!

But I digress. The event itself was full of interesting activities, mainly tailored to showcasing the Scion iQ. Participants of the event could test drive the car itself on a small course outside the facility, as well as do a ride-along with a professional driver inside the go-kart tracks, which was surprisingly very entertaining. Scion also brought out an FR-S to display for those who are not fortunate enough to be part of the aftermarket industry or able to wake up early enough for Cars N’ Coffee. Amenities included free Korean  tacos from the Kogi taco truck, as well as shaved ice from Snow Monkey.  Best of all however, was the fact that go-kart racing was FREE from 11AM to 5PM. Nothing beats free, except more free stuff!

All in all, it was an enjoyable event despite the gloom and rain from the day. I wish other car companies (I’m looking at you, Honda) would actively communicate with its customers the way Scion does, rather than ignore them. I’ve been told that there will be another event showcasing the new FR-S in a few months, so I’ll definitely be there. For the free stuff, of course. Maybe Scion will let me write a test drive article on the FR-S too.. eh?? eh???? 😛 –Dave Luong, Madlight Media


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