August 4, 2012 – Despite curiously little fanfare and advertising, Spocom still managed to put on a pretty strong showing at the Anaheim Con this past weekend. In this case, it seems Spocom was more about quality over quantity (although this might be due to the limited space of the Anaheim Con itself), as despite not having the massive amounts of cars on display as other shows, the cars overall seemed to be more aesthetically pleasing as a whole.  More importantly, however, was the quality of the booth babes and models – not many times did I have to avert my gaze or do the “I wish I hadn’t seen that” double take, as most of the models had a great overall package. Just watch the video and see if you disagree!

Unfortunately, due to prior engagements, we weren’t able to cover Spocom in its entirety and take in its full value (and sadly missed the bikini show), but from what we saw, it’s still a show worth attending and hope that the tour will continue over the years. It’s nice to have a local car show that doesn’t involve driving to LA County, and for what it’s worth, the Anaheim Con is very well lighted, which means we don’t need to bring our flashes to shoot! 😛

As usual, feel free to browse our pics below to see some of the selection of cars on display. –Dave Luong, Madlight Media

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