Anaheim, CA – With summer season now in full swing, we can always look forward to the accompanying car shows to check out the latest trends in modifications – not to mention the babes! Spocom has been one of our favorite staples so we of course were glad to come check it out.

Godzilla has reached level 2 and learned the new skill – “chameleon skin”

All we can say is that we are thankful that the “so low our fenders are trashed” fad from a year or so ago has gone by the wayside, replaced by the look that we prefer – tasteful, not overly done, and clean looking cars.


Best license plate in show should be a category

Overall, the show had a great assortment of cars, although it seems the “Rocket Bunny” style has become a little too prevalent.


I like Mazda 6’s, so this one deserved a spot in the article

Despite the usual events going on within the show, including the usual bikini contest, dance competition, and model booth that we look forward to, there was a different vibe to this year’s Spocom. We can’t put our finger on it, but it didn’t seem to carry the same energy that it normally does. Or maybe it’s just because there’s so many people with gimbal stabilizers that we can’t justify spending money on to create video coverage that’s left us so envious we couldn’t enjoy ourselves. Well, until we decide it’s worth the funds, please enjoy our photo coverage with the gallery below, and maybe next year we’ll have ourselves a gimbal and be able to provide quality video coverage again!


America, f-ck yeah!


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