Long Beach, CA – So you read our article on the Motion Auto Show. But deep down inside, you felt something was missing. “He mentioned that one major component of car shows are the cars… but he forgot the other half… the models. WHERE ARE THE MODELS?!?”  Fret not dear reader, for we would never turn a blind eye to such things! Yes, we go out of our way and take pictures of all the booth babes and models that are a staple of the car show just for you! When we previously mentioned that Motion did not disappoint, we were also referring to the fine selection of ladies that appeared throughout the day (even some of the showgoers were pretty hot; sometimes we weren’t sure if some of these girls were actual models or just attendees).  All we can say is – some of the kids that came probably hit puberty immediately at Motion- and that by the end of the day, we were thirsty for milk.  We’ll stop typing now and let you enjoy the pics we got.

Thanks for the extra contributions Steve!




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