Anaheim, CA – March 14, 2009 marks the first leg of this year’s Hot Import Nights tour! Luckily for us West Coasters, the first stop will be in our good old hometown, Anaheim at the Angels Stadium.  It was originally to be held at Dodger Stadium,  so unfortunately we won’t be able to get a sampling of Phillipe’s French dip sandwiches on the way over there. On the other hand, it’s now only a 10 minute drive :P, and I will be there to cover the numerous models there- er, I mean the whole event! Come join us and use coupon code “MLM” when you buy your ticket to save 5 dollars!

It looks like this year, HIN has added an even greater variety of events with which to entertain the masses, including Auto Barrel Racing, which looks to be a mix between drag, drift and gymkhana all rolled into one. Dromo 1 will be there for support (regardless of the advantages that an electric kart might give you, I still like the rumble that D1’s gas powered karts provide), and for music we’ll get to see Far East Movement, which you may remember from the 3rd Fast & Furious movie.

More importantly though, are all the models that will be headlining this event- Lisa Fleming, Jenny Chu, KT So, and many others will be there. We will make sure not to disappoint with our upcoming article 😉

For all those interested in going, you can use the coupon code “MLM” and save yourself 5 bucks!

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