Crumpler, the Australian based bag company that specializes in stylish messenger bags with their wacky names that we know and love, finally brings their Beer for Bags promotion to the Philippines, the first ever in Asia. For those that can’t quite grasp the concept, you basically bring in beer in exchange for bags. Crumpler would post online what specific beer brands they were looking for and the amount of bottles/cans required, in exchange for a specific bag. The total cost of the beer bought would normally end up being cheaper than the retail price of the bag. The beer brought in was then served to those who availed of the promotion at a party after the event.

Madlightmedia, being the alcohol lovers and cheapskates that we are, decided to check out the promo held at the Crumpler store in Bonifacio High Street and joined in on the fun.We traded in a few six-packs of Corona and San Miguel beer cans and got ourselves a Barney Rustle Blanket Messenger Bag. We then went to the afterparty held at Warehouse 135 in Makati and enjoyed ourselves with free booze and chips while being entertained by Grupo Tribale. There were also contests held at the event¬†where bags were given away by the event’s hosts, DJ Mo Twister and DJ Grace Lee of Magic 89.9, and funnyman Gabe Mercado. The event was also attended by Krista Ranillo, recent cover girl for FHM and Maxim Philippines. All attendees were given the red carpet treatment, where they had fun with a photobooth setup in the front.

At the end of the day, Crumpler’s first Beer for Bags Promo in the Philippines was a success. Heck, where else can you trade in beers for a bag, and then get to party for free?

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  1. alanis77

    but why? why would you waste a can of beer for a bag? that is sacrilege! ask doc yayee and he will weep at the thought…LOL

  2. Mikey Yan

    But then you get to go to the party and drink the beer you brought. So basically you get to party for free, drink for free at the party, and get a free bag! What’s not to like? =P

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