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Brittani Paige

If you keep up with the car scene, you’ve probably already heard of Brittani Paige. A spokesmodel for R1 Concepts and other brands, Brittani is one of the most well-known and bootyful (pun intended) ladies to grace So Cal. Her popularity has taken her around the nation, and even across the globe to places like Taiwan! So while many may only pay attention to her superficially, it would be unfair to judge a book only by its cover. As it turns out, Brittani is probably the girl that you’d wife after all. As our shoot with her progressed, we found Brit to be one of the most down to earth, modest, and positive people we’ve ever worked with. Where most models would let their fame get to their head, Brittani stays true to herself. Plus, you can’t deny those constant dance moves! Get up close and personal with Brittani with our interview and gallery, and make sure to check out the bootylicious video as well.

1. For the record, what’s your ethnicity again? We know; we keep asking and forgetting!
– I am mixed Vietnamese , Swedish & Mexican!

Brittani Paige2. Nice. Further proof that mixed people are the hottest! The one thing we’ve noticed with your social media posts is that you post a lot of food pictures, which begs the question: what’s your favorite dish? Do you prefer a certain type of cuisine (e.g Chinese, Japanese)? Favorite type of pho? 
– I love food! Any kind of food, but if you know me I absolutely love seafood. I am willing to try anything though. I usually order Phở Gà (chicken pho).

3. Boiling Crab vs Red Lobster? Where should we take you on a first date? Is Olive Garden enough to get to first base? 
– Boiling crab for sure! Love getting messy at the table. I do like the ultimate feast from Red Lobster though. The first date is really up to you. Be creative. I’m pretty spontaneous so I’m up for anything but usually it takes more than one date to get to first base!

Brittani Paige

4. Key word “usually.” Got it! How do you feel about Sriracha sauce? Is there anything you can cook, like a specialty dish? 
– I put hot sauce on everything LOL. It’s yummy! I eat better than I cook, but I can make a mean stir fry or soup. Not Top Ramen if that’s what you’re thinking! 

5. In spite of all the food you eat, you still get to maintain your figure. Sorta (joke!). What’s your secret?
– You know, I really try to work out once in a while. But I’m either busy or just lazy, or wait… hamburger! LOL 

6. What’s your favorite part of your body? Anything you want to change? What do guys first notice in you?
– I like that I’m small but still have curves. I would definitely like to tone up and have more muscles! Guys usually notice my colored eyes.. I think… ;p

7. Somehow, we don’t think your eyes are the first thing guys notice 😛 We’ve seen your dance moves. Do you have any other special talents that we don’t know of and would like to share with us? 
– I used to draw and sing a little when I was younger. Don’t know if I still have that in me. Probably rusty by now.

8. You can definitely still sing! We saw your Instagram clip like the creepers that we are. You were gone for a few weeks early this year and went to Taiwan. How was it?  Anything you miss the most about living there? What’d you miss from the U.S. while you were there? Any other countries you’d like to visit? 
– Taiwan was amazing! I love all the good people that I met and good food. The most important thing that I learned was to get out of my comfort zone. I miss the culture out there definitely. I missed my friends and family and also Hot Cheetos back in the U.S.  I’d really like to travel everywhere! 

9. Do you prefer a boxer or briefs kinda guy? Things you find attractive in men? Unattractive qualities? 
– I prefer briefs. I like an attractive guy, nice smile and tattoos and muscles are a plus (depending on the tattoos of course)! I find it attractive when a man talks more about his interests or goals. It’s a turn off when men are just trying to hit on me. I hate being hit on, to be honest. I also don’t like insecure men. The business I am in doesn’t leave time for that.



10. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being super creepy and 10 being super awesome, where would you rate your experience working with us? 
– Well you guys did record a video of my butt you creeps!! LOL kidding; you guys are very friendly and awesome. 2 for you… I mean 10 😀 

11. Any last words?
Shout out to everyone that supports me and also follow me on social media! 

Instagram: @miss_brittani_paige
Twitter: @msbrittanipaige

Thank you ! :*

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