We finally got to work with Christine Marquez, just in time for our back to school special. For those living under a rock or for our readers not familiar with the Philippine scene, Christine Marquez is a well known model who has posed for FHM Philippines and was one of the ambassadors for the Premiere brand of condoms, otherwise known as the Premiere Vixens. When not posing in scantily clad clothing for magazines, (if she’s even wearing any for that matter =P ) you can see her being surrounded by her fans and stalkers at carshows and fan signings. Fast fact: Christine is a nursing graduate. We can only imagine how many guys would be lining up at the clinic if she were the nurse in charge. She’s also been to Spain. (we’re running out of things to write here =P ) For more of Christine, check out the rest of our shoot with her and read our short interview with her after the jump.


MLM: 1. Top, bottom, or behind?

CM: Bottom

MLM: 2. Real or real looking?

CM: As real as it gets hahahaha

MLM: 3. Favorite part of your body and why?

CM: my abdomen.. it never expands even if I ate a lot haha… its not skinny and voluptuous.. just the right size.

christy0008MLM: 4. Does size matter? Length or Girth?

CM: Yup! For me it matters a lot, hahaha! And Girth, cuz I don’t smoke, hahaha!

MLM: 5. If your sex life were a movie title, what would the movie title be?

CM: “Exquisite baby” hahaha yan na movie title ko. Reserved for the best ang sex life ko eh! Hahaha

MLM: 6. Name 3 local and 3 foreign female celebrities you would make out with.

CM: Local: Ann Curtis, Angel Locsin, Sam Pinto. Foreign, Leighton Meester, Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus, hahaha

MLM: 7. Have you ever made out with the same sex?

CM: Haha..ooohhh… like sa lips? haha… last january, live online streaming… it was a dare between me and another FHM vixen Sofie Garrucho hahaha!

MLM: 8. What do you normally wear in bed or when you’re about to sleep?

CM: I like wearing lingerie, hehehe.

MLM: 9. Last lesson that you remember from your nursing days? 

CM:hmmmnnn… Freud’s Theory, and basic Life support,

  • hahaha,
  • andami..ewan ko kung bakit yan nilagay ko hahaha

MLM: 10. Creepiest thing that has ever happened to you at carshows?

CM: ooohhh! so many creepy guys around! haha.. One time there’s this guy who asked me to sign his calendar in one of the recent carshows I did.. he keeps coming back sa booth namin sa federal tires then he took pictures with me like almost 10 times na! haha.. memorize na nga yung face nya nung marketing manager namin haha.. obsessed si kuya! lolz.. 


Photographer: Mikey Yan

Makeup Artist/Hair: Kate Vera Cruz

Assistants: Jessa Magana, Tinay Mondejar

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