G’day mates, and welcome to our latest model shoot, featuring the sheila from Australia, Debbie Sath! Currently exchanging the views from Oz in favor of those of sunny California, Debbie gave us the opportunity to show you that Yvonne Strahovski and Nicole Kidman aren’t the only hotties from the land down under! Being one of the few established Asian-Aussie models to have made a big impact, working with her had us jumping around like a troup of wallabies!

Shooting with Debbie was a pleasure- not only due to her obvious beauty, but also because of her open, honest, and bubbly personality. Combined with her amazing Australian accent, the traffic-filled drive to Malibu became more enjoyable than the pain it should have been, and we learned ourselves on the cultural differences of the appropriate terms for “bathroom” and “data,” among other things. Our day ended with an adventurous trip for some fresh chili mango and lunch at Zankou Chicken. Now if only we got paid to advertise…

Make sure to watch our photoshoot teaser vid as well as the photos below! If you would like to know more or get involved with Debbie, you can follow her on Facebook as well as Twitter!

Model: Debbie Sath (, (
Photography and videography: Mikey Yan, Dave Luong



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