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Since the early days, Oahu has been known as “The Gathering Place.” Today it continues to ring true as the most inhabited island of Hawaii, and also as the first step on Hawaiian soil for people all over the world. Case in point, our photoshoot; a culmination of people from around the world – a Filipino native, a Swiss-born Viet, and a beautiful girl from the Pacific Northwest state of Washington, Jenni Tran (along with special guest star Janis True!)

We’re always looking for fresh faces (mainly because we’re broke), and through the wonders of social media we came across Jenni, who luckily was planning on visiting the islands at a time when we were free of our usual duties. Can a photoshoot in Hawaii really be considered work? It sure didn’t feel like it; and if you check out the video above, we were really just spending time in a tropical paradise with two awesome girls! Shooting with Jenni was a blast, with her upbeat and happy attitude amplifying the feel good vibes of Hawaii. Interested in getting to know Jenni? Read on for our interview with her!


For the record, what ethnicity are you?

I am mixed with Vietnamese and a pinch of French, thanks to my momma!

Where are you currently based right now?

I have lived all my life in the city of Seattle, WA.

You’re pretty new to the industry. How’d you get started?

I discovered import modeling through a previous boyfriend . He would always have these attractive girls as his wallpaper and I just got curious. Then 2 years later I discovered Janis True, and how successful she had become in this industry. I reached out to her through Facebook for some guidance. Shortly thereafter she became my mentor, inspiration, and friend. Janis took me to shows with her and the rest is history hahaha! jenni001

We gotta thank your ex then; if not for him, we wouldn’t have known you and we’d be a sad little panda. We also gotta thank Janis for being a cool mentor. Any memorable moments from modeling so far? 

The most memorable thing that has happened to me recently would have to be my feature in Superstreet Magazine. It didn’t hit me until I picked up my own copy and saw my face on the actual page hahaha. I was literally shaking for an hour before boarding my flight to LA. But now I think I want a cover so the work has only began for sure.

jenni008Any crazy photoshoots yet?

I haven’t had a crazy photoshoots yet to be honest, but I have some ideas in mind for Halloween. But I can’t reveal those just yet, so shhh!

How about pervy guys at car shows?

Guys at car shows are so sweet! They’re respectable, and to be honest I wish guys in my real life were more like them. They’re always showing me love, and making me feel beautiful. That’s seriously all a girl really wants.

How are you handling the new found fame of yours?

I wouldn’t call this fame just yet. But I love meeting my followers when I travel, and even when they leave comments on my page that are genuine and sincere it really makes my day. My initial goal when I do make it to the top is to spread the word that anything you want, can come true. You don’t ever have to stick to one thing. I love school, and I love modeling so if I plan out my time well I believe I can succeed in both.

Sounds like a plan. You seem to be succeeding so far. Any haters though? They can’t be far behind, especially for someone that seems to be on the up and up. Ever talk back to them? How about Instagram stalkers?

I haven’t had a huge issue with stalkers or haters, but eventually I will and the best thing to do is just let them be who they are  There’s no need to ever react to negative energy. Just keep a smile on, and be happy. To be honest, I was picked on a lot through my last three years of high school. I used to eat my lunch in the bathroom stall by myself, and sometimes even cry to myself and wish someone or something would save me. With that said, I’ve learned to channel my feelings into things like working out, or studying for an upcoming exam because life is too short to be unhappy.

Wow, that sounds horrible, and straight out of Mean Girls. Too bad we weren’t there to be your white knights. On to the next topic. Is it true that you’re a dental assistant too? How’s that working out for you? What’s the grossest thing that you’ve ever seen at work?

I’m technically not a dental hygienist yet. I’m still in the process of finishing up my prerequisites which are classes you need to take before even applying to a dental hygiene program. The top two schools on my list are Eastern Washington University, and Pacific School of Dentistry in CA.

I’ve made time to volunteer at my local dental clinics, and the nastiest thing I’ve seen would have to be someone getting their wisdom teeth pulled out. Too much blood for me haha. My job description only entitles me to clean people’s teeth, and perform X-rays. I’ll be making $80,000 a year though, so I’m happy with that.

Is teeth whitening really that effective? Can you really go overboard with it?

I definitely believe in teeth whitening because it gives people more confidence in their smile. And more smiles mean more happy people in this world! A little advice is to be careful not to over do it. Your enamel gets stripped each time you go through the procedure. That can cause your teeth to become very sensitive and the pain will be out of this world .

I’ll be honest with you; I whitened my teeth with the original Crest White Strips back when I was in middle school and I never had to do it again. So if you’re not trying to spend a whole lot then that would be the perfect solution.

Would you ever date a dentist? We heard they have the highest rates of suicide. Ever wonder why?

If I were to date a dentist, we would be the ultimate power couple, hahaha. I’ve thought about marrying a dentist and then opening up our own family dentistry. That would be the dream, and import modeling on the side. Honestly I think that whole suicide thing is baloney, because they make so much money and get off work at 5 p.m. everyday so there shouldn’t be much to complain about.jenni005

Things that you look for in a guy?  Turn ons? Turn offs?

Things I look for include: humor, cooking ability, likes to dance, sing, should be 5’6″ or taller, and be athletic. I love being with foreign looking guys, but they can’t have an accent. I love a good listener, who feeds me when I have the drunk munchies lol, and isn’t afraid to take me to hang out with his friends and family.

Turn offs: too many girls blowing up their phone, laziness, no admiration for education, stubbornness, hates girls eating in front of them, and a guy who can’t stand up for me.

Fair enough. If a guy was hitting on you, how would they know that you’re interested? How would they know if you’re not?

Dating for me is simple, since I’m very picky. If I like you, I will respond to your texts and I’ll be the one making time for you. If I don’t like you, I won’t text back, and if we hang out I will always keep it casual. I hate flirting. I hate dates. I hate trying things out because it never works for me. To be honest, if a guy is attracted to me and gets to know me, they’ll discover that I am a total nerd. My looks do not match up with my personality at all, and I would take that as a warning. I think that’s why my relationships fail, and I’m okay with that because I need someone to love me for who I am and not my Instagram!

Well, one thing’s for sure, these guys are missing out big time. Nerds rule! So…from a scale of 1-10, with 1 being super creepy and 10 being the best thing that’s ever happened in your life, how would you rate your experience with us? By experience we mean photoshoot.

Gee, my experience with Madlight Media would have to be like a 100/10 hahaha. You guys made me feel comfortable and sexy in the least creepiest way possible, which I can’t say is what always happens.  I really did enjoy our shoot. Every look was perfect, and we were located in Hawaii so it really could not have gotten any better then that!

Awwwww, thanks for the kind words. Any last words?

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little bit of a personal level. I hope I wasn’t too boring haha!

XOXO, Jenni

Instagram: @jennitrann

Twitter: @jenni_trann

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