Don’t you hate it when you play phone tag with a girl you’re trying to get ahold of? But you can’t blame the girl though if she’s as busy as Loren and Jamie Burgos. These sisters probably have their schedules packed. I have to say it took a few good months before this shoot finally went through. With the help of Facebook, (thank God for social networking sites =P ) a date was finally set and what was initially set to be a photoshoot in the Philippines ended up being set in sunny SoCal. For those that don’t recognize her, Loren is a beauty queen who won the title “Mutya ng Pilipinas Overseas Communities” last 2008 and can be seen in several commercials aired on local Philippine TV, namely ads for Globe Telecom, Mcdonald’s, Lucky Me, Ginebra San Miguel, and Sunsilk to name a few. Her sister Jamie is a model in her own right and has been modeling in the US too while juggling this with college and work. The shoot went down on a bright sunny afternoon near the Valley, a few hours before a Laker game. With the help of their cousin Monica in the makeup department, the shoot went by without a hitch. Later on after wrapping things up, we all ended up at the sisters’ home to celebrate Jamie’s graduation and to watch the Laker game amidst great food. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay that long since me being the usual crammer, hadn’t packed yet for the trip back to the Philippines. Until next time perhaps? Anyway, more pictures after the jump.

Models: Loren Burgos, Jamie Burgos
Makeup Artist: Monica Corpus
Photographer: Mikey Yan
Assistant: BJ Lopez
Assistant Image Editor: Katrina Mondejar
Location: San Fernando Mission

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