img_5074Its been awhile since we last worked with Michelle. Ever the reliable one, she’s always there for us whenever we’re feeling trigger happy with our cameras. As long as we provide her with her daily source of protein, whether it be KFC or some Daphne’s (sorry about that missing chicken for your Pita), she’ll be sure to be in her best form. In spite of her busy schedule with her schooling, she still finds the time to do some side modeling here and there. We think any girl would do the same though if they had the same appeal that Michelle has. This girl can work the camera, as you can see in the images from this shoot. We’ll keep the words to a minimum, since we doubt anybody reads this anyway.  If you’re reading this Michelle, thanks again for working with us. Until next time maybe?


Makeup Artist: Heidi Pacifico

Location: Orange County Mansion, CA











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