July 4, 2009 -<warning-gratuitous use of Depression era slang awaits>

EXTRA! EXTRA! What’s the story, morning glory? Well, just in time for the celebration of our nation’s independence, we’ve got the scoop on a barn burner that’s sure to flip your wig! We’re talkin’ about none other than Nicolette Lacson, grandstandin’ for all the fellas coming home from V-J Day! With her smoldering kisser, killer gams, and captivating glims, Nicolette has us hep cats wantin’ to hoof it to some boogie woogie with the bugle boy from Company B! For our pictorial, Nicolette is togged to the bricks in some peachy threads courtesy of Uncle Sam, and the swellest of swell bikinis from her own bikini line, Lollime™! Now if that doesn’t blow your top, then you’re all wet, Jake!

Before we introduce you to this dame, I just want to give a hootin’ holler to Nicolette for being the cat’s meow!
Happy 4th of July everyone!

For more information on Nicolette or her Lollime bikinis, please visit:

Technical info:
Model: Nicolette Lacson
Makeup Artist: Heidi Pacifico
Photographer: Dave Luong
Slaves: Mikey Yan, Ben Chan
Equipment: Canon 5D, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8, Canon 70-200mm f/4
Lighting: A strange mix of Profoto and AlienBee gear. Modifiers included a beauty dish, strip light, small softbox, large reflector, and a bunch of grids.

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  1. graphicgirl26

    amazing set, dave (as usual!) =P time to auction off that navy dress for a million dollars! lol

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