[Editor’s Note: We would like to introduce to you guys Norm Roxas, our contributor from the Dirty South of the globe, Australia. No stranger to the import scene; Norm is an OG accomplished photographer and has worked with many of the original import models, like Jeri Lee, Sunisa Kim, and Debbie Sath. As a local from Oz, Norm will be able to provide us with coverage and introduce fresh faces from the other side of the world that the rest of us wouldn’t know about! If you’d like to see more of Norm’s stuff, check out his company at]

G’day from Oz!

This is Normz, the Australian connect for Madlight Media.  It’s been a long time coming, but I’ll finally be bringing you all that’s good from the Land Down Under.  From our car culture, events and of course, the beautiful Aussie women!


First up off the ranks is this gorgeous young lady.  Going by the name of Shenae Gillespie, she’s originally from my fair city, Melbourne.  She transplanted herself to Sydney a couple of years ago to further her career in the model industry.  Despite her busy schedule as a very popular up and comer, she managed to find some time to collab with us.  Unfortunately, due to us being too excited with having the opportunity to shoot her, we neglected to organise a Q&A;  but if you really want to know more about her, there’s always social media for that.

Instagram: @shenaegillespie
Twitter: @ShenaeGillespie














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