presents to you Cindy, another stunning model from the sunny shores of Southern California. Although currently residing in SoCal, she was born and raised in Belize. We were lucky enough to have been able to do a shoot with her, especially with our very tight schedules and hers. One sunny day, we headed to Malibu, CA to meet up with Cindy to do a beach shoot. This was a few hours before we were headed to Vegas. We knew we were spreading ourselves thin, but once we met Cindy, we knew all the effort we put into waking up early for a morning shoot was worth it. Cindy is a very down to earth person, dorky enough to engage in conversation with dorks like us. But once she was in front of the lens, she morphed into modeling mode, where you can see the passion and ferocity she gave with every pose. She was brave enough to face the cold weather in nothing more than a green bottom at times. Thanks again for working with us Cindy. We hope you had fun and like the images as much as we did. More pictures of Cindy after the jump.

Photographer: Mikey Yan

Assistant: Nathan Cruzado, Ahiya

Makeup, Hair, Clothing: Cindy

Location: Malibu, CA

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