Kristine has won us over.
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It may be easy to see why at first- the perfectly toned and petite body, and the piercing eyes- but her beauty isn’t only skin deep! If you’re in the market for a permanent relationship, Kristine is the kind of girl you want. Not only does she look good and has a great personality, but she also probably has a better job than you; as a project manager for a large firm that allows her to mingle with the movers and shakers in Vegas. IMG_9454-EditThis means that not only will she attend to your emotional needs with her sense of humor and accommodating personality, but she just might be able to surprise you on special occasions with gifts that you couldn’t afford yourself.. if you’re into that! Read on for our interview and see why we’re sold on Kristine! 

1) How does it feel to have over 17,000 followers on Instagram? 

Having 17,000 followers on Instagram feels incredibly shocking. Never thought in a million years that could happen. It actually shows that people are interested in what I post and it encourages me to show them the positivity of life. Whether showing them the beauty of nature, eating healthy, being fit, or just posting a selfie smile. It’s delightful to know that it can actually brighten up someone’s day.

2) Out of those, how many have asked you to marry them or have a one night stand with them?

All of my followers are very respectful. But gotta admit some are just “out there” and they say what they want to say. But to answer your question, they ask more to marry me than to have a one night stand.

3) The last time we talked, you mentioned being in project management for some big hotels in Vegas. Can you tell us which has the best luxury
to cost ratio and which one really has the best buffet?

Yes, Project Managing is what I do. I would have to say Cosmo Vegas is the place to be. Amazing rooms, amazing service, and amazing nightlife. Kinda pricey but well worth the money. Best Buffet I have ever been to would be the Bacchanal in Caesar’s Palace. If you haven’t been there.. You’re missing out. Enough said.

5D3_1130-Edit2 4) A burning question – do you know what kind of bees make milk?

The only bees I know that makes milk would have to be the BOOBEES!

5) More importantly, do you know what kind of bees give you diarrhea?

Hmm I must take a wild guess.. Must be the BAYBEES!

6) Sorry, its JOLLIBEE’S!!! (Forgive us, this is Dave’s favorite joke when he meets a Filipino) Do you have any other Filipino tendencies that you would like us to know about?

Filipino tendencies… hmmm well.. if I don’t know something, I usually scratch my head…

7) How often do you sing with the Magic Mike? How often do you sing with the (Hitachi) Magic Wand? Just kidding.

I used to sing a lot but been busy lately that I haven’t. Great jokes on the questions haha.

8) On to the more important questions- what got you interested in modeling?

Modeling has always been a goal hobby of mine. I believe it’s art and I love seeing all the different aspects of modeling. Whether it’s clothing, lingerie, bikini, etc. It’s fun and it doesn’t feel like “WORK”

9) What would you say to the ladies out there who consider boudoir/glamour related types of modeling to be for attention whores and perpetrating the objectification of women?

I don’t have anything against boudoir/glamour modeling nor women who are attention whores. If they want to portray something, then do it. Haters are gonna hate. But if you’re doing something that makes you happy , then why not..  You only live once.

IMG_9325-Edit10) Any special significance behind your tattoos?

I’m a Leo and I believe that I can dominate and be the Queen of the jungle.. So, with that being said.. A Tiger tattoo  shows off my personality. I am fierce but yet, pretty to look at. 😉

11) What would you say is the best way for a man to get you interested enough to score a first date? What’s the best way to become a keeper?

Best way to become a keeper on a first date is be yourself. If a man sees you for you and likes you for you, then you know you don’t have to pretend to be anyone to get to his heart. Being fake on a first date and pretending to be who he wants to see will not result in you being a keeper.

12) What is the most obvious sign to look for to know that a girl is into you?

If a guy can make me laugh and not have an awkward silence during our date then.. he’s got my attention. Easy as that.

13) You recently finished shooting a video with us (which is included in this article)! On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “kinda creepy” and 10 being “this is awesome!,”  how creepy was it?

From scale of 1-10 , I would give it a 9. Shoot was fun. Had a great time, you guys rocked the shoot. The only reason why I didn’t give it a 10 is because I am not is the shape I really wanted to be.

14) And finally, the most important question of all- who would win in a fight, Floyd Mayweather Jr, or Manny Pacquiao???

Well, you already know my answer to that. But knowing how these fights are super rigged… you never know the outcome, just like the weather; so with that being said…  “Go Man-Weather” (Manny-Mayweather)!


And this concludes our interview portion of Kristine. You may now dedicate your eyes to the more important things- the pictures in our gallery. And don’t forget to check out the video at the top of the page if you haven’t already!




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