March 14, 2009, Anaheim, CA – – The first HIN of this year started off with quite a bang- the turnout, cars and talent really surpassed my expectations for the event. Even walking around continuously for 7 straight hours I managed to see new things constantly and had a pretty good time. The only odd thing I found (but not necessarily bad) is that for what is considered an “all ages” family event, there was quite a lot of not quite kid-safe action in the form of lap dances and go go dancing, among other things :P. But who am I to complain, those kids will grow up just fine!

Among the numerous ladies that night were Alicia Whitten, Amanda Fine, Lisa Fleming, Jasmine Mai, Gigi and Chelsea Co, as well as classics like KT So and Christine Mendoza. Ladies, we would like to do proper photoshoots with all of you, please help us out 😛

As a service to our readers, we know that most of you are looking for either one of two things: the cars, or the girls. To make it easier on everyone, we decided to make two posts separating each subject- this of course will be the one featuring the models at the show. The car pics will be posted up shortly.

Special shout outs to for giving us a place to sit, High End Performance for always hookin us up with free stuff, and Michelle Anderson (work that stripper pole, awww yea!!!)! ;P

March 18, 2009 – Gallery updated with more pictures from contributor Steve Fan 🙂

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